Saturday, September 20, 2014

How long has it been??...

So yeah... I disappear. And then I'm back. Right now I am actually pretty stoked to have something new to write about. Besides everything else going on in my life, I also joined the JAMBERRY family. I loooove Jamberry. If you don't know what Jamberry is, it's a NON-TOXIC, gluten free, vinyl nail shield, that last up to TWO WEEKS on nails, and SIX weeks on toes! There are over 300 styles, so there is something for everyone. Best part is, by becoming a consultant, I am hosting my launch party.. online mind you, and so far I have earned a free wrap, $15 product credit for ANOTHER FREE WRAP, one half off item, and 10% off my order.. in other words three wraps for the price of LESS ThAN HALF OF ONE. I am stoked! My launch party isn't even over yet, I have a whole group of people that plan on ordering.. I can only imagine what else I am going to earn.. and the best part of all... Because I am a consultant, on top of earning a ton of free stuff, I am also getting paid. How awesome is that?!

Check out my direct link!

One sheet costs $15, and gives you TWO manicures, TWO pedicures, and a few left over for accent nails! AND we offer buy three get one free!
If you would like a sample feel free to ask. You can email me at Include your name and address, and feel free to add me on facebook with a message of how you found me.

Jamberry offers a lot of different choices, because let's face it.. wraps aren't for everyone. We carry a line of professional salon grade nail lacquer, a whole luxurious hand care set, including complimentary hand soap. We also offer application sets and mini heaters used to apply the wraps for those you you who what it all! Or you could use things around the house of you'd like.  Best of all, we carry a monthly subscription box called Stylebox, that cost $25 per month for a three month subscription, $23 and change for a 6 month subscription, and $21 and change for a year subscription. It includes $30 worth of product. One catalog product and one Exclusive product that no one else can buy, and also a style card that describes how to wear that particular wrap style, a file, and an orangewood stick. The initial subscription is paid in full then reverts to a monthly payment after it is fulfilled.
Look! No damage!!
Like I said, there is something for everyone!

They can even go on feet.

French Tips anyone?

Questions?? Email me at

Sunday, August 17, 2014


I have been working out for the past two weeks, which I know isn't long but I already am in the habit of working out so that happened quick and it feels amazing. I just went and walk/ jogged two miles with Zack and Ansley and it just feels wonderful. I was up at 6:30 and rather than go to bed it was like well hey, why not? So I woke Zack up and we went and got out sweat on. It really feels amazing. Every time I work out I wonder why I ever stopped. I have come to the conclusion that the real main reason is the sweating. Well something went off in my brain bc now I actually love the sweating part of it. So this time will be a complete change. Lifestyle. The way I eat. The way my brain is working. Everything. I will be a size 5 again. Currently.. and granted I just had a baby.. six months ago... not so "just" anymore.. I am 185# and a size 16. That sounds really big but it really isn't surprisingly... but I have about 50 pounds to lose. That's a lot. I am hoping that by the time I go back up north to see family for Thanksgiving.. which is in almost exactly three months.. I will be like 20 to 25 pounds down. I know it is possible bc I have done it before.. I am not meant to be overweight. I am the only one of my nine siblings that has a weight problem. I don't want to be that person anymore. I want my sexy back. I want to look good next to my fiancé. He is already pretty in shape and now that I am working out he is too and it's like damn man.. let me atleast START to look good before you go and start to look better. But yeahhh... So that's what I have been on lately. I can already feel a difference.. when I look down I can't even see my stomach. I have to squish my boobs in to see it. That's a really good thing.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I have been BUSY. The last three weeks has been filled with nannying and A LOT of clients. I am not complaining. To help deal with all of the stress, I started working out. And I don't mean working out like I've always worked out.. which is barely. I mean for real, joined a workout group, took on an ab challenge, a leg challenge, and an arm challenge. I have been walking or doing dance workouts three to four days a week. Tracking everything on Weight Watchers. I even bought new shoes.. two pairs.. that's a statement right there. I'm dedicated. And I will be a size 7 again. Soon. Zack I even working out too. Speaking of Zack, we got engaged! And I don't think we plan on wasting any time in terms of a wedding. We are away from family for the most part except for his dad and my aunts. we are going up to Indiana in November for Thanksgiving so it would be nice to maybe be married already and have a reception up there with everyone. But anyways back to my working out.. I got side tracked for a second.. not that that isn't wonderful news! But yeah, I'm really excited. Today was supposed to be my off day and it's like I am already so into my fitness that I went at 8 in the morning to one of the many lakes in my town and power walked a mile and a half in 25 minutes. In the hot Florida sun. I had Ansley with me of course. I think it's really good for her. It just puts her in a good mood for the day. But yeah. that's where I have been for the last couple weeks. Trying to make it through alive lol. I will write again soon.. Ansley is yelling for me. :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014


So it's been a while, which I suppose I should have warned you that this would happen. Life gets hectic and I forget to write, until I really want to.. which I do now, even though I don't really have much to say. I guess I will start by say that I am loving cloth diapering. It is the easiest thing to do and it really is cheap. I was nervous to use the cloth wipes at first but once I found Wee Essentials on Etsy, it got easier. She makes all natural soap bits, amongst other things, that are specifically designed for cloth wipe solution. There are tons of scents, some dyed and some un-dyed. Some have fragrance oils and some have essential oils. Basically you take on soap bit to a cup of water and you put  it in the micro for 30 seconds, and then pour over your wipes in the warmer, and you're all set. The supply I bought should last me up to 8 months if I am making a new solution every other day. I think that's awesome, not to mention it only cost me $17.50 plus shipping. So definitely no complaints on my end.
I also have started making Ansley's food for her. I bought a baby bullet and so far I have only given her bananas. Tomorrow is day four and then I will start her on green beans. She is doing an amazing job so far. She was definitely ready for solids, as I started her at 5 months. I tried cereal at 4 months and she wasn't into it so that only happened once. I must say though, I can definitely feel a difference in her weight in only 10 days.
New topic.. I really want to learn more wraps to wear Ansley in. I got a woven wrap a couple months back so I could do back carries, and I JUST got Ansley to willingly go in it today. First time. I did a double hammock and she loved it... so much so that she cried when I took her out of it. I was able to get dinner in the crock pot going. Pork chops with potatoes and onion and cream of mushroom soup. It smells amazing. But yeah... I think I may have mentioned before that I have several carries for her and I have really been turning to my Ergo lately, in the mean time watching lots of videos on different wrap techniques, and trying to get Ansley to enjoy them. So today was a big deal when she giggled on my back and I was able to do her diaper laundry and dinner. :D There is someone on facebook called Pretty Paisley Productions, and she makes AMAZING slings and wraps, and they are fairly cheap for wovens. Not to mention, she does all the dying and hemming and everything, and she has a rainbow ice-dye sling going right now.. You sign up for a custom one. I had spoken to her and told her I would get to her at the end of the week.. the sign up sheet was already full but she said she could add me to it... I am so tempted.. but do I really need another carrier? I can always do it myself but it is just so much work. I made one out of jersey knit.. only downside to jersey is that it is stretchy and therefore, considered unsafe for back carries. Does anyone have a clue what I am talking about? All I know is I have really wanted to be crafty lately. I even started crocheting a blanket for Ansley but ran out of yarn and haven't had a chance to go to get to the store to get more. Ay yi yi... Okay so I suppose this is the end of my random writing... like I said... I didn't really have that much I wanted to say.. lol just random thoughts.. I might start a movie. Until next time.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day One Complete

So I started last night with the cloth diapering and Ansley's first night went wonderfully. I laid her down at 9 with a fresh diaper and she didn't wake until 2, so I fed her and changed her and laid her back down and she woke up at 8. I couldn't even believe it, considering lately she has been getting up every 3 hours, sometimes sooner. I have no clue if I can attribute the longer sleep times to the cloth.. but I will definitely be keeping track and seeing if it becomes a trend.
The day today was also amazing. I was able to get an idea of how often I will need to be changing her, and it's actually no more than it was when she was in disposables... about every 2 to 2.5 hours. She hasn't pooped yet so I have no idea how they will stand up to that, or if there will be a blowout.. I am a little nervous for that, but so far no leaks or anything so I am not even going to worry about it until the time comes.
Something I was thinking about today.. how many cloth diapering families use cloth wipes? I have three packs of normal disposable wipes and I am using them, but what happens when baby poops? It's not like you can just wrap them up in the diaper and toss them out.. So I was considering cloth ones.. Not like I don't already have to wash pee and poop laundry.. why not add some wipes to the mix? But what happens when you have these shitty wipes? Next thing you know, you're swirling them around in the toilet too.. and its not like there is going to be poop all over the place, but still.. dealing with toilets and poop.. So I definitely am on the fence with those.. I mean I really am considering it but I have no idea if Zack would be on board with that. He expressed a little anxiety when I brought it up.. we will just have to see.
Lastly, since I am on the topic of cloth diapers.. I must say.. I AM OBSESSED. I mean, can't you tell? I just think they are adorable and my baby has the fluffiest little butt ever and she's just so stinkin cute, all I can do is look on Amazon at all the different kinds and fill my cart, and then empty it, and fill it, then save things for later. I want more diapers.. but when is enough, enough? My supply already seems like it'll last two days, and then ill wash on the third day.. I don't really want to keep a bag of dirty diapers more than two days.. does having a ton of diapers make you lazy? I think it would make me lazy, personally.. Plus I don't have that much storage space...

I need to stop.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


OMG am I in loooove!! So I got my packages just a little while ago and I had to go through  and open everything and take pictures! I am so excited to start cloth diapering, I wish I didn't have to do all the prep, but I do.

I have to boil all my bamboo inserts. I bought two dozen of them.

Now as far as I know I can either wash these 8-10 times to get all the leftover manufacturer's dirt/oil and whatnot off, AND to increase their absorbency to their highest potential.. or I can boil then about 5 at a time, and then add them to my last wash of all my diapers. I don't think I have to boil the microfiber ones.. pretty positive I can wash those with the diapers themselves.. speaking of diapers...

These are my Alva Baby diapers. I ordered off Amazon, and they were $59.95 for the set of six, plus two microfiber inserts per diaper. I loooove them.. the bottom far left one is minky. So soft <3

I ordered these off Amazon as well (both sets of 10), but these are not the way they came. (I mixed them up) I got one set that was more neutral.. it said it was a boys' set, but as far as I am concerned, the only one that was boyish was the baseball minky.. Other than that, I thought they were pretty gender neutral. The second set was obviously a girl set. The top row in the picture above are all minkies, and the rest are all normal diapers. All the diapers I ordered were pockets, seeing as they got good reviews. I know I probably should have ordered a variety, but I liked the concept of pockets after all the research I did, so let us hope they work perfectly. :D
The really cool thing about the two 10 piece sets, was that they were each $55 dollars (or right about).. and they are identical to the Alvas, down to the amount of snaps  and everything.. but they brand is actually Happy Flute, and they come wholesale from China. It's especially apparent to me that they are the same brand, because I got a few repeats between the two brands.. as you can see, looking at the pictures. All of these came with two microfiber inserts a piece as well.

As I have said before, I ecxclusively breastfeed my daughter, so as of right now, I don't necessarily NEEEEED flushable liners, but I purchased them anyway, because to be quite frank, although I love the concept of cloth diapering, I don't want to have to deal with the poo, so in trying to keep that to a minimum, I purchased these.
Awkward, long photo.
And finally, last but not least, I purchased a hanging wet bag that will stay by her changing station. I chose this over a diaper pail because I don't want to have to deal with smell, and the diaper wet bag zips shut. I also liked the pattern. ;)
Sooo, that is all my fluffy stuff. Time to get started on the laundry :D



I am so excited! I am impatiently waiting for two packages from amazon, containing all I need to start my cloth diapering journey. I cannot wait. Pictures as soon as I have everything sorted out and whatnot. :D