Saturday, September 20, 2014

How long has it been??...

So yeah... I disappear. And then I'm back. Right now I am actually pretty stoked to have something new to write about. Besides everything else going on in my life, I also joined the JAMBERRY family. I loooove Jamberry. If you don't know what Jamberry is, it's a NON-TOXIC, gluten free, vinyl nail shield, that last up to TWO WEEKS on nails, and SIX weeks on toes! There are over 300 styles, so there is something for everyone. Best part is, by becoming a consultant, I am hosting my launch party.. online mind you, and so far I have earned a free wrap, $15 product credit for ANOTHER FREE WRAP, one half off item, and 10% off my order.. in other words three wraps for the price of LESS ThAN HALF OF ONE. I am stoked! My launch party isn't even over yet, I have a whole group of people that plan on ordering.. I can only imagine what else I am going to earn.. and the best part of all... Because I am a consultant, on top of earning a ton of free stuff, I am also getting paid. How awesome is that?!

Check out my direct link!

One sheet costs $15, and gives you TWO manicures, TWO pedicures, and a few left over for accent nails! AND we offer buy three get one free!
If you would like a sample feel free to ask. You can email me at Include your name and address, and feel free to add me on facebook with a message of how you found me.

Jamberry offers a lot of different choices, because let's face it.. wraps aren't for everyone. We carry a line of professional salon grade nail lacquer, a whole luxurious hand care set, including complimentary hand soap. We also offer application sets and mini heaters used to apply the wraps for those you you who what it all! Or you could use things around the house of you'd like.  Best of all, we carry a monthly subscription box called Stylebox, that cost $25 per month for a three month subscription, $23 and change for a 6 month subscription, and $21 and change for a year subscription. It includes $30 worth of product. One catalog product and one Exclusive product that no one else can buy, and also a style card that describes how to wear that particular wrap style, a file, and an orangewood stick. The initial subscription is paid in full then reverts to a monthly payment after it is fulfilled.
Look! No damage!!
Like I said, there is something for everyone!

They can even go on feet.

French Tips anyone?

Questions?? Email me at

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