Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day One Complete

So I started last night with the cloth diapering and Ansley's first night went wonderfully. I laid her down at 9 with a fresh diaper and she didn't wake until 2, so I fed her and changed her and laid her back down and she woke up at 8. I couldn't even believe it, considering lately she has been getting up every 3 hours, sometimes sooner. I have no clue if I can attribute the longer sleep times to the cloth.. but I will definitely be keeping track and seeing if it becomes a trend.
The day today was also amazing. I was able to get an idea of how often I will need to be changing her, and it's actually no more than it was when she was in disposables... about every 2 to 2.5 hours. She hasn't pooped yet so I have no idea how they will stand up to that, or if there will be a blowout.. I am a little nervous for that, but so far no leaks or anything so I am not even going to worry about it until the time comes.
Something I was thinking about today.. how many cloth diapering families use cloth wipes? I have three packs of normal disposable wipes and I am using them, but what happens when baby poops? It's not like you can just wrap them up in the diaper and toss them out.. So I was considering cloth ones.. Not like I don't already have to wash pee and poop laundry.. why not add some wipes to the mix? But what happens when you have these shitty wipes? Next thing you know, you're swirling them around in the toilet too.. and its not like there is going to be poop all over the place, but still.. dealing with toilets and poop.. So I definitely am on the fence with those.. I mean I really am considering it but I have no idea if Zack would be on board with that. He expressed a little anxiety when I brought it up.. we will just have to see.
Lastly, since I am on the topic of cloth diapers.. I must say.. I AM OBSESSED. I mean, can't you tell? I just think they are adorable and my baby has the fluffiest little butt ever and she's just so stinkin cute, all I can do is look on Amazon at all the different kinds and fill my cart, and then empty it, and fill it, then save things for later. I want more diapers.. but when is enough, enough? My supply already seems like it'll last two days, and then ill wash on the third day.. I don't really want to keep a bag of dirty diapers more than two days.. does having a ton of diapers make you lazy? I think it would make me lazy, personally.. Plus I don't have that much storage space...

I need to stop.

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