Wednesday, July 16, 2014


OMG am I in loooove!! So I got my packages just a little while ago and I had to go through  and open everything and take pictures! I am so excited to start cloth diapering, I wish I didn't have to do all the prep, but I do.

I have to boil all my bamboo inserts. I bought two dozen of them.

Now as far as I know I can either wash these 8-10 times to get all the leftover manufacturer's dirt/oil and whatnot off, AND to increase their absorbency to their highest potential.. or I can boil then about 5 at a time, and then add them to my last wash of all my diapers. I don't think I have to boil the microfiber ones.. pretty positive I can wash those with the diapers themselves.. speaking of diapers...

These are my Alva Baby diapers. I ordered off Amazon, and they were $59.95 for the set of six, plus two microfiber inserts per diaper. I loooove them.. the bottom far left one is minky. So soft <3

I ordered these off Amazon as well (both sets of 10), but these are not the way they came. (I mixed them up) I got one set that was more neutral.. it said it was a boys' set, but as far as I am concerned, the only one that was boyish was the baseball minky.. Other than that, I thought they were pretty gender neutral. The second set was obviously a girl set. The top row in the picture above are all minkies, and the rest are all normal diapers. All the diapers I ordered were pockets, seeing as they got good reviews. I know I probably should have ordered a variety, but I liked the concept of pockets after all the research I did, so let us hope they work perfectly. :D
The really cool thing about the two 10 piece sets, was that they were each $55 dollars (or right about).. and they are identical to the Alvas, down to the amount of snaps  and everything.. but they brand is actually Happy Flute, and they come wholesale from China. It's especially apparent to me that they are the same brand, because I got a few repeats between the two brands.. as you can see, looking at the pictures. All of these came with two microfiber inserts a piece as well.

As I have said before, I ecxclusively breastfeed my daughter, so as of right now, I don't necessarily NEEEEED flushable liners, but I purchased them anyway, because to be quite frank, although I love the concept of cloth diapering, I don't want to have to deal with the poo, so in trying to keep that to a minimum, I purchased these.
Awkward, long photo.
And finally, last but not least, I purchased a hanging wet bag that will stay by her changing station. I chose this over a diaper pail because I don't want to have to deal with smell, and the diaper wet bag zips shut. I also liked the pattern. ;)
Sooo, that is all my fluffy stuff. Time to get started on the laundry :D


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