Thursday, July 31, 2014


So it's been a while, which I suppose I should have warned you that this would happen. Life gets hectic and I forget to write, until I really want to.. which I do now, even though I don't really have much to say. I guess I will start by say that I am loving cloth diapering. It is the easiest thing to do and it really is cheap. I was nervous to use the cloth wipes at first but once I found Wee Essentials on Etsy, it got easier. She makes all natural soap bits, amongst other things, that are specifically designed for cloth wipe solution. There are tons of scents, some dyed and some un-dyed. Some have fragrance oils and some have essential oils. Basically you take on soap bit to a cup of water and you put  it in the micro for 30 seconds, and then pour over your wipes in the warmer, and you're all set. The supply I bought should last me up to 8 months if I am making a new solution every other day. I think that's awesome, not to mention it only cost me $17.50 plus shipping. So definitely no complaints on my end.
I also have started making Ansley's food for her. I bought a baby bullet and so far I have only given her bananas. Tomorrow is day four and then I will start her on green beans. She is doing an amazing job so far. She was definitely ready for solids, as I started her at 5 months. I tried cereal at 4 months and she wasn't into it so that only happened once. I must say though, I can definitely feel a difference in her weight in only 10 days.
New topic.. I really want to learn more wraps to wear Ansley in. I got a woven wrap a couple months back so I could do back carries, and I JUST got Ansley to willingly go in it today. First time. I did a double hammock and she loved it... so much so that she cried when I took her out of it. I was able to get dinner in the crock pot going. Pork chops with potatoes and onion and cream of mushroom soup. It smells amazing. But yeah... I think I may have mentioned before that I have several carries for her and I have really been turning to my Ergo lately, in the mean time watching lots of videos on different wrap techniques, and trying to get Ansley to enjoy them. So today was a big deal when she giggled on my back and I was able to do her diaper laundry and dinner. :D There is someone on facebook called Pretty Paisley Productions, and she makes AMAZING slings and wraps, and they are fairly cheap for wovens. Not to mention, she does all the dying and hemming and everything, and she has a rainbow ice-dye sling going right now.. You sign up for a custom one. I had spoken to her and told her I would get to her at the end of the week.. the sign up sheet was already full but she said she could add me to it... I am so tempted.. but do I really need another carrier? I can always do it myself but it is just so much work. I made one out of jersey knit.. only downside to jersey is that it is stretchy and therefore, considered unsafe for back carries. Does anyone have a clue what I am talking about? All I know is I have really wanted to be crafty lately. I even started crocheting a blanket for Ansley but ran out of yarn and haven't had a chance to go to get to the store to get more. Ay yi yi... Okay so I suppose this is the end of my random writing... like I said... I didn't really have that much I wanted to say.. lol just random thoughts.. I might start a movie. Until next time.

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